Martin & Martyn (Languages) Ltd is the name of the company formed by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis, a husband and wife team of authors, for the purposes of our writing and consultative activities.

We have been writing learning materials for modern languages for 25 years, mainly for the study of Spanish and English. We have co-authored Spanish materials for a range of ages - adults, secondary school students, primary school students, and books for very young learners. We have also written materials in a range of media - book-based courses, self-access courses, phrase books, grammer books, digital materials, on-line and television.

We have produced materials and/or courses for Hodders & Stoughton Educational, Heinemann (Harcourt), Oxford University Press, bsmall Publishing, Everest Publishing (Spain), the Department for Education and Skills, Webster International, Microsoft Encarta, The Open University, 3T Productions, ONCE (the Spanish National Institute for the Blind for the Leonardo da Vinci programme), Channel 4 Television, BBC Television and RTVE (Spanish Television).

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