That's English
This large team project, published between 1994 and 1996 was written to accompany the BBC/RTVE (Spanish Television) video English course broadcast throughout Spain and used bu the Official Schools for Languages (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) for its Diploma. We were part of the author team.

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Diez Temas: BBC Television
Broadcast in 1990. Writers.

Videoteca: Channel 4 Education
Boradcast in 1992. Writers.

The Spanish Collection: BBC Television
Broadcast in 1993, this broadcast with its accompanying source book, was adapted form the acclaimed series of programmes hosted and written bu Ian Gibson entitled Fire in the Blood. The programmes were designed for Spanish Advanced Level students in the UK. Consultants for adaption, writers of accompanying work book.

That's English and Go For It
La Catrina: Channel 4 Education
This adaptation into Spanish of a Mexican soap opera appeared in 1995 as a language learning vehicle, adapted by the authors.

Globo: BBC Television
This adaptaion into Spanish of a series of animated cartoons for for primary learners appeared in 1995.

Top 1 & 2
TOP 1 & 2: Channel 4 Education
First broadcast in 1997 and 1998, this Spanish game show for children was designed and written by Roasa and has continued to be successfully broadcast since its launch. Designers of related website materials.

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Talk Spanish and Spanish for Business: BBC
Writers of web activities to accompany the television series.

Encarta Spanish Lanuguage Learning on-line: Microsoft/Webster International

Writers of Spanish texts on famous people, places and historical events with accompanying study activities.

España - Campo y Ciudad: Channel 4
Writers of website activities accompanying this television series for A-level students.

Cuentos del mundo: Channel 4 Education
Animated stories of world famous stories for children. Translation into Spanish, as well as dubbing and editing of these animations. Writers for associated website materials.

La Tienda du Luis: Channel 4 Education
Consultant for this children's television series. Writers of related CD-ROM materials.

Extra: Channel 4
Advisors, consultants, editors for this television series for 14+ secondary students. Writers of associated CD-ROM activities.

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